One-to-one time between Bigs and Littles is what Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about. That time together is fun, meaningful, and it strengthens relationships. Below is a list of low-cost activity ideas, but don't stop there. Browse through the Bigs Only Facebook Group or post a question to connect with other local Bigs about what they like to do with their Littles. Look for the monthly Big News email in your inbox to sign up for activities provided by BBBS. And of course, your Match Support Specialist is a great resource for activity ideas catered to you and your Little.

Play a board game or cards

Start a book club

Tye-dye t-shirts

Go mini golfing

Play catch in the park

Go for a hike

Try new foods together

Make a tie-blanket

Do a scavenger hunt

Plant flowers

Work on homework

Learn about other cultures

Make home-made slime

Research career interests

Paint on canvas or rocks

Visit the library

Fly kites

Play 20 questions

Make homemade pizza

DIY arts & crafts

Make a puzzle

Visit the zoo

Make a scrapbook

Go for a walk around the block

Start a gratitude journal

Learn words in a new language together

Talk about goal setting

Build model rockets

Go for a bike ride

Have a picnic

Explore a museum

Hit golf balls at the driving range

Draw with chalk

Go to a play

Make homemade cards

Bake cookies

Go to a sporting event

Go bowling

Play laser tag