As a Big, you have access to many resources that can benefit and enhance the mentoring relationship you have with your Little.


Don't underestimate the resourcefulness of your Match Support Specialist. They provide ongoing support and additional resources to Bigs, Littles, and families, and they are just a call or text away. Have a question, concern, or story to tell? Give your Match Support Specialist a call!


The Learning Exchange (TLE) is an online resource library for BBBS Bigs, Littles’ parents/guardians, and staff. Collected by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and BBBS agencies across the nation, TLE is a way to learn about new ideas, issues youth face, other special topics, and connect deeper to your BBBS role. Bigs receive login information for TLE once they begin the enrollment process. If you are a Big that does not have access or needs to regain access, please talk to your Match Support Specialist.

Click here to visit The Learning Exchange login page.


  • Stages of a Match - while every Big & Little match is unique, Bigs & Littles often follow these stages throughout the life of their match.
  • Ages & Stages of Youth - as a child grows, they enter into different stages of development. This document may bring deeper understanding to Bigs as they see their Little grow, and it includes appropriate activity ideas for different age groups.
  • Strategies for Common Problems - Bigs & Littles can run into challenges throughout their match. Here are some common ones and strategies to help you reach a solution. Remember, your Match Support Specialist is your to-go guide for challenges like these.
  • Match Scenarios - these scenarios can help Bigs navigate real-life situations with their Littles.
  • Building Relationships - a list of important reminders to keep in mind while creating a positive relationship with a Little.



  • Beds for Kids - provides beds to children ages 2 - 17 who are sleeping in unsuitable conditions.
  • Crisis Resource Center - provides support and services to individuals affected by domestic abuse and sexual assault.
  • FamilyWize - provides a free prescription savings card that anyone can use.
  • PrairieCare - provides specialized psychiatric services for all ages.