For less than the cost of your favorite streaming service, you can join a community committed to creating sustainable change. 


Match Makers is our monthly giving program. When we make a Big & Little match, it’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. We stay with every match. We provide consistent support to grow, strengthen, and empower each Big & Little relationship.

That’s what being a Match Maker is all about. It’s not one-and-done. It’s being an ongoing, monthly supporter. It’s giving a bit, whatever amount works for you, consistently. Because that’s what a Big Brothers Big Sisters match is: consistent.

By becoming a Match Maker, you are joining a community of individuals who continuously defend our youth's potential. People who know the importance of the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission. Become a Match Maker today.


Paula Anderegg

Dave & Mary Anntoneau

Brittany Bertram

Doug Bjorge

Steve & Sara Borgerding                     

Leah Cochran                           

Andy & Jessie Cowell                           

Pat Delehanty                                       

Stacy Dennert                                       

Tim & Margaret Flor                         

John & Amy Jo Havelka                     

Brett & Beth Jenken                           


Emily Kinser                                         

Paul & Jane Krumrie           

Jason & Vicki Mayer                           

Gayle Nagel                                         

Jerry & Michelle Redman                   

Eric & Julie Rethemeier 

Nathan & Alicia Rolli                           

Pat & Betsy Segler                               

Christrine Shaffer-Brown                   

Cindy Selvik                                                

Tricia Wolcott                                       

Greg & Nicole Zweber